Driving Tours

We’re fortunate to live in an area surrounded by natural beauty and varying terrain, from the coast to the sierras—all connected by wonderful roads.  Each year, GGC organizes several weekend driving tours to explore and enjoy our back roads with other BMW driving enthusiasts. There’s something about traveling in your BMW with a group of Bimmerphiles that provides an exhilarating experience unlike any other type of event the club offers. Neither strictly a driving event nor a social event, tours meld the two event types together to provide a rewarding experience for participants.

A loyal participant of our tours, Niko Nikitaras, states “The club tours have given me the opportunity to meet great individuals who have the same passion for BMWs as I do. Each tour provides a new adventure for people of all ages to enjoy. Through the club tours, I have had the chance to explore many of the greater Bay Area’s back roads of which I would not otherwise have known about or had the pleasure of driving on. Even when we tour a familiar road, there is always something new and exciting the organizers add.”

Our tours originate from locations throughout the Bay Area and travel as far north as Clear Lake and as far south as the San Luis Obispo. Our destinations often end with a lunch or dinner at a nearby quality, reasonably priced restaurant.

Recent destinations have included:

  • Blackhawk Automotive Museum, Danville
  • Niles Canyon Railway’s steam train and driving tour
  • Summer Picnic and tour through the Marin headlands and Mt. Tamalpais
  • Santa Cruz Mountains and Highway 1
  • Silver Rabbit Mystery Tour through Sonoma and Napa

The next time you want to participate in a club driving event, but also want to socialize with members in a casual, unhurried setting, consider road testing a tour. We look forward to driving with you!

Mt Hamilton Driving Tour Video


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