High Performance Driving Schools

The Golden Gate Chapter has held high-performance driving schools on local race tracks for the past 25 years. While the venue is a race track, the agenda is driver education. And we focus on driver education over the whole range of students, from novice to advanced drivers.

GGC driving schools focus on safety. That focus comes through in how we structure the school. We limit the number of cars on track. With novices, we always have an instructor in the car. For any student an instructor is always available.  Progressing from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced is based on demonstrated ability behind the wheel.

If you are concerned about possible damage to your car, be aware that recent changes to many automobile policies have limited coverage while at a driving school. However, high-performance-driving event (HPDE) insurance coverage is available through Lockton insurance at a very reasonable price—and they offer a BMW CCA discount. When you use on-line registration to sign up for a school, you will find an option to purchase insurance.

Our instructor corps are very experienced; many have been instructing for over twenty years, and a good number have had extensive racing experience. Instructors have received special training to help students learn comfortably and quickly. The Golden Gate Chapter, along with the rest of the Pacific Region of the BMW CCA, has spent twenty five years building a top-notch corps of experienced and talented instructors, and building a top-notch curriculum.

There are many options for getting instruction and/or getting on track. Compared with professional schools, we’re a bargain. In large part because we have a volunteer work force. The instructors and organizers love this stuff so much, their reward is getting a chance to pass along the skills.

But what about other organizations who provide lapping days and driving schools, often for less? We believe that we offer a couple distinctions. We believe that our instruction and coaching are a big part of what sets us apart. This coaching is tailored for you and your needs. Are you new, and just tip toeing? Are you competent and confident? Does you confidence exceed your abilities? Our coaches have seen it all, and can help you on all the steps towards becoming an advanced high performance driver.

GGC driving schools are also different in the quality and quantity of track time. Track sessions are four 30-minute sessions, instead of four 20-minute sessions provided by some organizations. That’s a whopping two hours per day behind the wheel, versus 80 minutes. And we do our best not to clog the track with traffic. The number of students allowed in any GGC run group is limited to 25–30. Other organizations may put 40, 50, 60 or more cars out on track. Yes, it’s easy to charge less when you pack ’em in.

Our level of instruction and the quality of our events compare impressively to other track opportunities. We are especially proud of our all-volunteer, not-for-profit driving schools, a special and beneficial program for BMW CCA members. We’re excited to announce an expansion of our program in 2014 for our more experienced students, with a higher-level advanced form of coaching. For advanced drivers looking for a next level experience, stay tuned.

Join us—and find out what the fun and excitement are all about!